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Elf Shenanigans, Night by Night

This is a list of 30 nights worth of activities that you can use with the printed Mighty Elf Kit as well as links to Amazon for quick shipping. 

As a Bonus, this list is included with the purchase of the printed Mighty Elf Kit.

  • Elf Poop – Unwrap a bunch of Hershey Kisses, put them in a zip lock baggie and add the “Elf Poop” card included with the kit.


  • Snow Angel – Spill out some candy sprinkles on to a counter or table, place the elf in the middle of the spill and move the Elf’s arms and legs to create a snow angel.


  • Reindeer Food - Mix 1 cup Oats, 2 tsp glitter, and a few shakes of sprinkles in a zip lock baggie. Tape or staple the “Reindeer Food” card to the baggie. This should be put together on Christmas Eve and Sprinkled outside to help Rudolph and friends find your house.


  • Bubble Bath – 1 bag mini marshmallows, sit the Elf in a bathroom sink and fill with the marshmallows.


  • Ice Cream Bandit – Stick the Elf in the freezer wrapped around a pint of ice cream with a spoon of course. *bonus points: warp a small blanket or dish towel around the Elf.


  • Shaving Cream Storm – The Bathroom or around the Kitchen sink is the perfect place to unload a shaving cream storm. Use 1 can of Shaving Cream Foam to cover a vanity or counter-top with mounds of foamy snow. *bonus points: bury the Elf in the foam snow with just their hat poking out.


  • Slime Time – What kid doesn’t love slime now? Make a batch of Elf Slime, you can either make it yourself and have the Elf deliver the already made slime or have the Elf bring the ingredients for your child to make. ½ tbs baking soda, 1 ½ tbs contact lens solution, 6oz clear glue, 1tbs glitter and 2tsp green food coloring. Mix all the ingredients together and put in a jar/ Tupperware with a lid. “Magical Elf Slime” card included and can be taped to the container.


  • Tic-Tac-Toe – Use the Tic-Tac-Toe sheet included in the kit. Use a marker to write “X”’s and “O”’s on the tops of 10 regular size marshmallows and arrange them on the print out. Position the Elf with one of the marshmallows next to the printout.


  • Christmas Count Down – 25 Days until Christmas. Have the Elf Deliver the printed count down calendar to your child with star stickers to count down each day.


  • Help! – Use painters tape to tape the Elf to a wall or another smooth surface, then use pieces of tape to write “Help” next to the hostage Elf. *bonus: use some Christmas washi tape to capture the Elf.


  • Toy Challenge Letter – It’s time to get rid of all those old toys that you trip over daily. Have the Elf deliver the Toy Challenge Letter to your child and watch them make room for new toys.


  • Let’s Decorate the Tree – Grab 2-3 rolls of toilet paper and wrap the Christmas tree. Make sure to tuck the Elf in between the toilet paper and the tree peaking out.


  • I’ve fallen and I can’t get up – Grab a box of Band-Aids and stick them all over the elf, pose the Elf either in a fall or just playing with the Band-Aids.


  • Honey, I baked – Bake some cookies and leave the mess behind, some egg shells, flower, used bowl and anything else used to bake, position the Elf red handed with a mixing spoon and the fresh baked cookies ready on a plate. Use your favorite cookie recipe or cookie box mix. Add the “I baked these just for you” card included in the kit.


  • All Aboard the Shoe Shoe Train – grab as many pairs of shoes in the house as you would like and line them up throughout the house. Put the Elf inside the first shoe with the “All aboard the show shoe train” sign included with the Mighty Elf Kit.


  • Climb the Wall – get a bag of gift bows and stick them on to a smooth surface, you may need to use some tape to reinforce them and make sure to position them close enough to be able to lace the Elf’s arms and legs through the loops in the bows to have the Elf go gift bow climbing.


  • Wrap it Up – Pack a lunch for your child, then grab some of that wrapping paper you bought for 50% off after Christmas last year and wrap each lunch item up with the wrapping paper. Leave the items in an open lunch box with the “be good at school today, stay on the nice list” card included with the kit.


  • Let’s get it Popping – Pop a bag of popcorn (preferably when your child can’t hear it popping) open the bag and spill it out in the microwave. Leave the Elf in the pile with the microwave door open.


  • Coming in Hot – Use dental floss to create a zip line by stringing it across a room. Hang the Elf on the zip line. You can also use string or curling ribbon.


  • Sip of Sunshine – Stick a straw in an Orange for some Elf OJ in the morning. Pour a glass of OJ for your little one an then take a few other Oranges and stick straws in them to look like the Elf squeezed the Juice out of them into the glass. Use the “Good Morning Sunshine!” card that is included with the kit.


  • Kids Drool – Use toothpaste to write “Elves rule, kids drool!” on the bathroom mirror, make sure to leave the Elf near buy with the evidence.


  • Stick with me kid – Pick a room or the whole house, use 2-3 packs of sticky notes and go crazy sticking them all over the place. Use the “how many can you pick up in 1 minute? Ready, set, go!” card included in the kit.


  • Oops, I tooted – use a mason jar or even an upside down pint glass to trap the Elf with the “I farted, want to sniff?” card included with the kit.


  • Now you’s can’t leave – Once your child goes to bed, use a streamer roll and tape to put them in Elf jail. Cut strips of streamer and tape them crisscross across their door way for a surprise in the morning. Make sure to leave the Elf in plain sight so they know who is responsible. (If your child wakes up in the middle of the night, this is not recommended.)


  • Lets Hang – Make an Elf Hammock in the Christmas Tree or on a towel rod. A kitchen towel and ribbon to tie the ends to the towel to the towel rod then place the Elf on the towel. You can use any fabric or even strong paper towels for this one.


  • A bunch of friends – Grab a bunch of not quite ripe bananas and a sharpie or pen and draw some faces on them. Bonus: draw a minion on each one. Use the “meet my new friends” card included with the kit.


  • Gone Fishing – Fill a sink with water and sprinkle some Gold Fish crackers into it. Sit the Elf on the edge of the sink and use a wood skewer or a straw with some dental floss tied to the end and dangling into the water for the fishing rod. Position the Elf with the fishing rod.


  • Put it on the List – Have the Elf bring the Elf grocery shopping list included with the kit as a friendly reminder for what he/she needs.


  • Green Milk – Doesn’t matter if it’s dairy or non-dairy milk, put a few drops of green food coloring into the container for a morning surprise. Make sure to write on the Milk container “Elf Milk” so everyone knows who did it.


  • Caught red handed – Have an open bag of candy or treats that your child likes and stick the Elf in it head first. Feel free to eat on the down low your share of goodies and blame it on the Elf.