The Elf craze has swept the country the last few years. Parents or guardians place one of Santa’s elves in their home as a scout for Santa to find out if they’ve been naughty or nice leading up to Christmas. When the children are asleep, the elf will mysteriously move and get up to all sorts of magical mischief. While kids love it many parents struggle to come up with new ideas for their elf friend each evening.

The inspiration for the Mighty Elf Kit came after founder Marianna Clark became increasingly weary of trying to find new and amusing props, places and general capers for her young daughter’s elf to get up after a tiring day at work.

Marianna said “After a busy day I’d often forget to move my daughter’s elf in the evening or wouldn’t have any new and interesting ‘activities’ for the elf to do while my daughter slept.

“If I could think of something, nine times out of ten I wouldn’t have the right materials to make it happen and the look of disappointment on my daughter’s face in the morning said it all. I wanted to create something for stressed-out moms like me that could just be picked up and would not only give a creative idea for Elf but also contain all the props needed to wow the kids. The Mighty elf kit is basically what you'd come up with if you had your own private graphic designer, production team and all the time in the world.”

The Mighty Elf Kit contains signs, report cards and letters from the scout elf that help take the pressure of parents to come up with quirky and fun ideas each evening from Thanksgiving to Christmas day.