Mighty Elf Kit - Non-Custom Shipped

Mighty Elf Kit - Non-Custom Shipped

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Mighty Elf Kit - Non-Custom Shipped

This version of the Mighty Elf Kit contains customized areas that you can fill in at home with a marker or calligraphy pen.

(Please allow up to 48 hours to receive the download link)

Below are whats included in the Non-Custom Download version:

In addition to all of the items listed below, you will also receive 30 Days of activity Ideas and Shopping list!


  • Welcome Letter
  • Toy Challenge letter
  • Warning Cards (4 of em)

  • On Strike Cards(4 of em)

  • I love it when Cards (4 of em)

  • All Aboard the Shoe Shoe Train Card

  • I farted, want to sniff? Card

  • I see London, I see France Card
  • Good Morning Sunshine Card

  • Let's Take and Elfy Card

  • Be Good at School
  • Magical Elf Slime Card

  • Reindeer Food
  • How Many Can You Pick Up In a Minute Card
  • Magical Elf Poop
  • Meet My New Friends Card

  • Elf Milk

  • Five Reasons the Elf Didn't Move - For Parents
  • Goodbye Letter

  • Shopping List

  • Report Cards ( 4 of em)