Mighty Elf Kit - Custom Shipped

Mighty Elf Kit - Custom Shipped

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Mighty Elf Kit - Custom Shipped

This version of the Mighty Elf Kit contains customized areas with the child's name, age and Elf's name. 

Once you choose these options at check out, we will add your child's name, age, and Elf name and mail all printed items to you.

Below are whats included in the Custom Download version:

In addition to all of the items listed below, you will also receive 30 Days of activity Ideas and Shopping list!


  • Welcome Letter
  • Toy Challenge letter
  • Warning Cards (4 of em)

  • On Strike Cards(4 of em)

  • I love it when Cards (4 of em)

  • All Aboard the Shoe Shoe Train Card

  • I farted, want to sniff? Card

  • I see London, I see France Card
  • Good Morning Sunshine Card

  • Let's Take and Elfy Card

  • Be Good at School
  • Magical Elf Slime Card

  • Reindeer Food
  • How Many Can You Pick Up In a Minute Card
  • Magical Elf Poop
  • Meet My New Friends Card

  • Elf Milk

  • Five Reasons the Elf Didn't Move - For Parents
  • Goodbye Letter

  • Shopping List

  • Report Cards ( 4 of em)

This will be customized with your Child's name, Age and Elf name and mailed to you within 48 hours of order.